Our mission: to protect what matters most

When you really experience first-hand what it is like to lose a parent and be able to continue the lifestyle you had before, you realise how important it is to protect your loved ones.

    Father and daughter

    A perfect Life Insurance

    Our goal is to cover as many loved ones as possible, with fair and modern products, with nothing to hide. Shaking up a sector of billions of euros will not be easy, but for our people, and yours, this long road will be worth it.


      Our Values

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      Calculate your life insurance in 60 seconds.

      Answer a few questions. It only takes 1 minute to know the cost of your policy.

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      Work at Life5

      A high growth environment to grow both personally and professionally surrounded by top talent and unique benefits.

        Life5 takes care of you and your loved ones with complete coverage included.
        Conferences by professionals in the sector, courses, workshops and much more.
        Monthly events for the whole team to learn and enjoy.
        Looking for work conciliation, our positions are remote and face-to-face.
        Every Thursday after work, parties and team events.
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